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GDI objects counts steadily increasing

pavelrepavelre Posts: 2 Bronze 1

We have situations where the task manager reports steadily increasing GDI counts as the user does something repeatedly, but comparing ANTS memory profiler snapshots shows there is no difference between snapshots.

Looking through class list we do not see any classes related to controls or forms. Is there any GDI object retention graph? Or how we can detect through object retention graph potential GDI objects?

Does the memory profiler have counter for GDI objects? Are there any other counters we can use to get an equivalent of GDI objects of task manager?

We are developing 3.5 .NET WinForm application with Infragistics controls, CAB, and we are hosting WPF control.



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    If you application is leaking GDI handles it could be because some managed objects aren't being disposed.

    If you check the filter "On the finalizer queue but not disposed" you may get a list of the objects that are remaining.

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