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Feature Request

john.vandajohn.vanda Posts: 6
edited October 14, 2009 1:23PM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
We use SQL Backup 6 Pro extensively through custom stored procedures. In our syntax, we use the OUTPUT parameters for the extended stored procedure, which return warning and error codes about the failure.

In the past, I've opened the CHM and copied out the code tables and created these in the database, so that I can send out pages and emails about the error/warning details.

This is extremely tedious however. Do you know of a simply way to get these tables out of the CHM in a tabular format that's simple to import into a sql database? Would you consider creating these tables during the install of the sql components? I think that if this was available, other people would find it very useful for a quick reference to the OUTPUT parameters already available.

Thanks for listening,
John Vanda


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    Hi John,

    Currently, the associated error messages are pasted into the log file for a given task. SQL Backup has its own email-on-error / warning feature which of course includes the messages.

    As for the quick reference DB - I have such a database here. You can use it via:
    DECLARE @exitcode int
    DECLARE @sqlerrorcode int
    exec master..sqlbackup '', @exitcode OUTPUT, @sqlerrorcode OUTPUT
    SELECT [message] from test.dbo.SqlBackupErrorCodes where code = @exitcode

    I doubt we'd ever insert any tables as part of the installation, but it would be nice to have an easier way to access the strings. I'll have a word with the developers about this.

    Robin Anderson
    Red-Gate Software
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    Thanks for the response Robin. I figured that table installations were a little far-fetched, but I appreciate you all looking into it. Also, thanks for the insert script :-)
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