Behaviour of Find box, All and None in Tables & Views

leedaviesleedavies Posts: 10
When selecting tables to data compare in the Tables & Views tab, the All and None buttons at the top toggle the selection status of all items in the list.

But if I use the Find box to filter the list to show, say, only tables containing "user" in their name and then use the All/None buttons, they only affect the selection status of the tables I can see in my filtered list.

When working in a database with a large number of tables, this is a pain, because the default state of the tables list when the dialog first opens is that every table is selected. Is this really the most common use case? Comparing all data in *every* table. I doubt it.

Because of this default state and the way the All and None buttons affect only tables currently visible in the list (if you use the Find box), usability is tricky at best.

This makes it too easy to accidentally leave too many tables selected, leading to slow performance, frustration and rework.

At the moment, I think this dialog is confusing and clumsy to use.


  • Thanks for your comments on SQL Data Compare. I have added them along with your call reference to the feature request in our tracking system. This has a high priority to be looked at for the next release of SQL Data Compare although we have no timescales for this at present.
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