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Is it possible to set the autogrowth option for database files using SQL Packager?

I have the Soruce database set to grow at 100M but the created database always gets set to 1M I need to set this to a larger size or to some percentage.



  • Thanks for your post.

    There isn't a way to set this through the UI, but you can configure it if you output the project as a C# project. Or if you edit the SQL Packager code templates.

    You can edit the string used to create the database in the PackageExecutor class.

    An easy place to add the autogrowth settings is when the size of the databse gets set. If you search for SIZE= (about line 289) and then add the settings. e.g.

    temp += ("SIZE=" + newDatabaseSize + ", MAXSIZE = UNLIMITED, FILEGROWTH = 10%, ");

    I hope this is helpful.
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