Can we restore a SQL 2008 DB on a SQL 2005

malyshkamalyshka Posts: 3
I need to restore from backup of a SQL Server 2008 database on SQL Server 2005. What is the best way to do it for me using your product?



  • If there are no 2008-specific data types or features involved, you should just be able to compare the 2008 backup to a 2005 database.

    To restore to a server that doesn't have a comparable database, you will first need to create an empty database with the required filegroups etc, then use SQL Compare to synchronize the schema into the database. After that you can use SQL Data Compare to synchronize the data across.

    Does that answer your question?
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  • Hello Michelle,

    Yes, thank you.

    I did try this method. Can't say it was very successfull. We keep trying some other ways.

  • Could you tell us what went wrong? Was it that there were 2008-specific features, server-level differences (which would have manifested as problems synchronizing users) or some other issue?

    While the tools aren't specifically designed as downgrade tools, it's good to know what problems people face in this area so we can improve our offering...
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