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Copy only backup

mfwardmfward Posts: 2
edited September 30, 2009 4:54AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
Is it possible to schedule a copy only backup in SQL Backup 6.2?
Mike Ward


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    Hi mfward,

    Although there is no option to do this from the UI, you can:

    1) Script this yourself and create a SQL Server Agent job in Management Studio.

    2) Use the UI to create the job first, and then edit the job step in SSMS to include COPY_ONLY - which is easier than (1) but the process of creating the job will cause one backup to be triggered before you can edit it.

    3) Use the backup wizard to script most of the settings you want and in the last step, instead of hitting 'finish' you can switch to the script tab and copy/paste the T-SQL into a new Agent job, manually adding COPY_ONLY.
    Robin Anderson
    Red-Gate Software
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