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Extreme Video corruption with Quadro FX1700 Video cards ??

WeeeBobWeeeBob Posts: 16
edited September 28, 2009 12:31PM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions

I recently changed my video cards in my precision T7400, to dual Nvidia Quadro FX1700 's so I could use three monitors.

Trouble is I now get some wonderful video corruptions when SQL prompt appears about 80% of the time..

I've been surfin around and a few people have experienced this before and resolved with latest video drivers, I'm running the latest 190.38 vid drivers , and SQL prompt and turned video acceleration down/off.

Vid corruption can happen in other apps, but it seems to be worse with SQL prompt, I think it is video drivers, but just wondering if anyone here has seen this before?

I'ts quite distracting......I now have to keep a small window at the side to 'wipe' the screen clean when needed... :evil: :shock:

I've edited these a wee bit just to blur server and user names. ....




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    I haven't had the screen corruption issue but the automatic triggering suggestions in SQL Prompt 4 is unusable. The selection window redraws so slowly that it can't keep up with my typing, I've had to disable the feature to be able to use SQL Prompt 4 at all :(

    I'm using a Quardo FX 540 with the same version of the video drivers with a dual monitor setup.

    If you find any solution to your problem please post back, I'd like to see if it fixes my problem as well.

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