Ignoring a column

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I'm compaing a couple of database tables on production and development servers where one column is Arabic text, but the encoding in each database is different. I want to compare the tables except for this column which I will have to to programatically to take account of the different encodings. Is there any way to ignore a particular column?




  • Yes - in the Tables & Views tab of the Project Configuration dialog, find the table with the column you want to ignore, and access the drop-down on the column headed 'Columns'. Then uncheck the box of the column you want to ignore.

    Does that solve your problem?
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  • Excellent! I did hunt around the 'Tables & Views' tab, but missed the 'Columns in Comparison' grid column. Now it's obvious...


  • how can you do that using code? that is exclude a column. I dont care if a column value is different. Second part of the question is, I want to exclude a column from being synchronized. That is no matter what, I dont want to update that column? Is it possible using API? do you have an example? Thank you for your help....
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