Unable to display custom methods from profiling

Hi all:

I tried to use ANTS performance profiler 5 to profile my app. I would like it to display all the methods ran in my app and the time it took for them to complete (well most of it anyway). However, what I got was just a few thread.Callback methods and a whole heap of system-related methods (e.g. SharePoint, Date comparison methods) from the spikes on the timeline.
This is after I chose to display all methods in the report.

Is there any way to display the classes/methods in my code and their performance?

Many thanks.



  • Thanks for your post.

    Have you tried looking at the 'Method Grid' view? This can be found be selecting the 'Show Methods Grid' button at the bottom of the results pane.

    If you turn off all the filters such as 'hide insignificant methods' you should see all the methods.

    I hope this helps.
  • I have unchecked the hide insignificant methods filter. I was able to see a few more methods, but none of them came from my code. :?

    I have also looked at the 'Method Grid' view, but I have yet to see anything to appear in that view. Does it require a lot of time to load?
  • No - shouldn't take long to load.

    I suggest:

    1. select the whole time range (better still, after profiling, don't select any time range- it will default to all of it).

    2. Stick with method grid view

    3. Make sure "Any methods" is selected (from the drop-down at the bottom).

    4. Click on the Namespace column so that you can more easily see your methods.

    5. If you want to see your source code, register your assembly in the GAC (gacutil -i ...) and put the most recent pdb in the directory where it ends up.

    Hope this helps!
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