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When we evaluated the SQL Bundle initially, we had several people install the evaluation version. Ultimately, we purchased two licenses for the database group. But if we try to install any of the programs on the machines that had the evaluation version of the software, nag screen appears saying that the trial has expired.

Can you provide any assistance?

Michael Knox


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    Hi Michael,

    Sure! First of all, thanks for your purchase. The next step is to activate your software. The trial software is exactly the same as the release version, so you need to enter your serial number to 'unlock' the software.

    When you get the 'trial expired' message, click the 'activate...' button. Next, enter the serial number from your invoice. The software will then 'activate' over the internet. This means that you make a request for activation and our server responds with the activation information.
  • SQL Bundle is activated on the machines that were used to develop the programs in question, do I need to activate on the other machines as well? These programs (three total) have problems on only three machines that had the eval version installed (now uninstalled), they seem to work fine on machines that did not have the eval version installed.


    Michael Knox
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    Hi Michael,

    If the case is that you're trying to use an application that you had developed using SQL Toolkit rather than using the 'production' versions of the programs in the Bundle, such as SQL Compare and Data Compare, it sounds like the Toolkit licensing didn't take when you had built your Toolkit-based project.

    The licensing should be an embedded resource inside the assembly that you had built. If the executable is asking for activation, then it clearly didn't work.

    You may want to follow the suggestions in our Knowledge Base at ... .php?t=491

    If this does not help, please get back to me.
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