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How to enable profiling website in Visual Studio?

bpaetzkebpaetzke Posts: 5
The two "profile" buttons are disabled in the ANTS5 toolbar of my web solution in Visual Studio 2008. How can I enable them?

Let me spell out what the buttons are--just in case there's question. When I hover over the two disabled buttons they say:
* "Profile the memory of this project in ANTS Memory Profiler 5"
* "Profile the performance of this project in ANTS Profiler 5"

Also, in the menu bar, the ANTS5 menu has these items disabled:
* Profile Performance
* Profile Method-level Performance
* Profile Memory

FYI, the rest of the items in the menu bar are enabled:
* Launch ANTS5 Performance Profiler
* Launch ANTS5 Memory Profiler
* Performance Profiler Help
* Memory Profiler Help
* About ANTS5 Profiler


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    I found a workaround now.

    The workaround was to:
    1) create a new solution
    2) add my existing web project and class library projects
    3) set the web project as the startup project
    4) then profile

    Originally, I did step 4 before 3. And that resulted in disabling the profiling buttons. But if you know a fix for this w/o having to recreate the solution, let me know.
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    Hi Bill,

    The ANTS Profiler add-in is a bit finicky when it comes to web projects. In most cases, it disables the menu items when the projects does not produce executable output, but it also checks the first project in the solution rather than scoping to the currently-selected project when there is more than one project in the solution.
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