Index Fragmentation Operations

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I am trying out SQL Response and was curious if anyone knew what options SQL Response uses when it runs DBCC SHOWCONTIG(specifically with or without the FAST option) to get index fragmentation levels. In production we have some very large tables and I am concerned about performance when scanning the indexes for fragmentation levels.

Also does anyone know how frequently SQL Response is going out and polling the Servers?

Thanks in advance for any answers!
-Eric Nolen


  • Hi Eric,

    SQL Response runs DBCC SHOWCONTIG with FAST option to get index fragmentation.

    SQL Response polls servers at different rates for different checks.

    SQL Response 1.3 supports scheduling index fragmentation scan. So if you are concerned about the performance when SQL Response is scanning the index then please use this feature. I am sending you a PM to tell the steps you have to do to schedule this.

    Priya Sinha
    Project Manager
    Red Gate Software
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