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Saving 'Scripts Executed' and 'Executed Against'

ivopldivopld Posts: 4
edited September 23, 2009 12:43PM in SQL Multi Script
This is a great app, really simplyfies things.. but it would be very helpful if you could save the information displayed under the 'Scripts Executed' and 'Exectued Against' fields.

The 'Save Results' features
SQL Multi Script does not automatically save results if you exit the application. To save your results, click Save, located above the Messages tab in the Results window. You can save your results as a .csv or .txt file that can then be opened and used in other applications.
doesn't really help as it doesn't specify exactly what script was run on what database and when.

Is there are some type of patch that can be dowloaded, which would allow for this data to be saved in a similar way the 'Messages' are saved?


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    Hi ivopld,

    Thanks for the post. Could you provide a bit more details regarding what you're trying to do, and why you'd want to save this information, please? Is it as a way of recording changes, eg, for audit needs?


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    Hi Colin,

    In a way it is for "audit" purposes.. it would be helpful for our organization to track issues related to 'missing scripts' or scripts that haven't been run on particular databases.

    So a way to log the execution history of scripts on databases, would be very helpful.
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    Or, if there's a button to export the contents of the 'Scripts Executed' and 'Exectued Against' fields into some type of external file.. that would also be very useful.
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    Hi ivopld,

    Thanks for the further information. It isn't something that SQL Multi Script does at the moment, but I'll add this as a request for consideration for a future release.

    Best regards,

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