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I have build a application based on SQL Toolkit. The application compare a given database to it's snapshot file. But every time the applikacation connect to the SQL Server it's write a entry to the servers event log:

Event Type: Information
Event Category: (2)
Event ID: 17055
17550 :
DBCC TRACEON 3604, server process ID (SPID) 240.

Since one of the ways to observe server is to monitor their EventLog it's giv noise with information that isn't critical.
Can the trace flag be removed or modified?

I can see that a similar topic has been submited under SQL Compare.


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    This warning has to do with the way that SQL Compare handles encrypted objects. Can I get back to you tomorrow with the answer for how to prevent this event from being logged?

  • I am looking forward to answer ;-)
  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1

    SQL Server does not allow you to turn off this event. There is a logging level in your database properties page (when you right-click the server in Enterprise Manager) which you can change, but I don't think it will suppress this informational event because of the C2-compliant SQL Server logging.
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