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Restore from older version issue

kermikermi Posts: 47
edited February 16, 2010 9:50AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
It's my understanding that you can restore a backup created with any version of SQL Backup with SQL Backup 6. We have some customers that are running an older version 3.0. And we cannot restore their data that is sent to us. This is the following error we are getting.


9/16/2009 10:05:53 AM: Error: Rijndael: Invalid key size - 0

This is how we're creating the backup:

-SQLBackupC -SQL "BACKUP DATABASE [dbase] TO DISK = 'C:\data_directory\dbase01.sqb', DISK = 'C:\data_directory\dbase02.sqb',DISK = 'C:\data_directory\dbase03.sqb',DISK = 'C:\data_directory\dbase04.sqb' WITH COMPRESSION = 3, PASSWORD = 'XXXXXXX', VERIFY"

and we are restoring with the following script

-SQL "RESTORE DATABASE [dbase] FROM DISK = 'D:\backup_directory\dbase01.sqb', DISK = 'D:\backup_directory\dbase02.sqb', DISK = 'D:\backup_directory\dbase03.sqb', DISK = 'D:\backup_directory\dbase04.sqb' WITH RECOVERY, MOVE 'dbase_Data' TO 'D:\dbase\dbase.MDF', MOVE 'dbase_Log' TO 'D:\dbase\dbase_log.LDF', REPLACE, PASSWORD = 'XXXXXXXXXX', MAILTO = 'email@dbase.com'" -E

Any suggestions would be great


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