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can we compare differential database backup..

murthymurthy Posts: 8
edited September 16, 2009 11:16AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions

Can we compare differential local database backup file with backup file of serverdatabase?
Actually i tried it ,
I wany to set my guid column as comparekey,but is not allowing this.
(for database comparision is working fine)

Please post any sugessions..

thans ,
satyanarayana murthy


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    Comparisons with backup files don't support custom comparison keys. You can use any index on the table as a comparison key, but you can't use columns or combinations of columns which aren't the column list of an index. If you want to use your guid column as a comparison key, you will have to create an index on the column before doing the backup.

    Differential backup files should work fine as long as the corresponding full backup file is also included in the backup file list.
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    Can we take backup for only changed records in relational database.
    Like with out taking total backup what ever changed transactions table and related master tables as backup file.

    Is there any tools or process please suggest me.

    satyanarayana murthy.
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