Hanging on very large SQL 2005 DB

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Hi, working with a client with a 13G db, with approx. 20K objects. I am trying to use SQL data compare and it is hanging @ 9% every time, on "reading object text". It moves about 1% every minute, then sits here forever (or as close to forever as I chose to wait!)

Any ideas? Running 8.1.


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    Hello David,

    SQL Compare 8 supports decryption of SQL 2005 encrypted objects, and in order to do this, it has to do a page dump of the entire sys.sql_modules table, which takes some time to dump and decrypt. Setting the SQL Compare option "Decrypt encrypted objects on SQL 2005 and 2008 databases" off should speed things up tremendously. If you need to synchronize encrypted objects, however, you'll have to wait. :-(
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    This is a pretty big issue guys - I thought SQL Compare was hanging. I recommend you make this issue more prominent in the UI - even showing a popup when first accessing a 2005/2008 DB with a new install.

    I am working over a VPN so it was even worse. We have no encrypted objects so this was really slowing me down - and in the case of a large DB I just assumed something else was wrong and it was hanging until I found this.
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