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Gen 0 in Session Overview

John DoeJohn Doe Posts: 14

I'm using the trial version of AMP5 (12 days to go... :-) )
and I've been adviced shortly ago to use the 'Session Overview' tab rather than the time line graph.
However I do not have the Gen 0 Heap Size indicator in that tab.

is it possible to add it there?

thanks and greetings



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    No, you can't add it in but of you want to see Gen 0 objects, you can use the "Standard Filters": "Objects on <> heap" check box - and select "Gen 0". This is applicable in the Analysis tab view, not the Summary page. In fact, I'd say you should use the Analysis view 90% of the time- the Summary page is useful after a long session but you will get so much more information using the Analysis page.
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    Hi Cavin,
    The Gen 0 heap in emptied at every garbage collection, and snapshots force a garbage collection, so the graph in the Session Overview would be very boring. It may sometimes show a couple of objects that were created by the garbage collection.

    So I'm afraid the timeline is your best bet for analysing Gen 0 usage.
    Red Gate .NET Tools
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    thanks everybody.
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