Few problems with 8.0.1

jfernandesjfernandes Posts: 2
Hi there,

I'm using redgate data compare 8.0.1 and I'm having a few issues. 8.0.1 should fix the including all data problem but it didn't fix in my case, I'm still having this issue. no matter what option I pick, the script always include all the data.

There is also another problem related to table mappings. I'm having this table which was renamed and re-designed. It always shows up under the 'could not be compared list'. I click on it, select 'set comparison key', scroll to that table, and 'comparison key' is always 'not set'. I click on it, pick the right key column and then close. If I do refresh or 'compare now', that table isn't mapped anymore.


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    I believe that had fixed the de-selected table data synchronization issue, but it left behind one or two peripheral issues, such as reseeding all tables, and these had been fixed in the 8.0.2 private release. I will send a PM to you with a link for that and hopefully things will be working as they should.
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