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bug when changing a PROCEDURE to a FUNCTION

PowlinPowlin Posts: 42 Bronze 3
edited September 15, 2009 9:25AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
When I convert some already created procedure for example

CREATE PROC IsWasAlreadyClosed(@Call_ID int)

and convert it to

CREATE FUNCTION IsWasAlreadyClosed(@Call_ID int)

When I try to sync the databases the Wizard failed, when I press the Next button on the first step nothing occurs. I need to remove synchronization of the IsWasAlreadyClosed proc/function so that compare will function.

The tools detect that IsWasAlreadyClosed (the procedure) need to be deleted and IsWasAlreadyClosed (the function) need to be created, this is correct but it won't sync.

I need to first run it with the delete and run another synch with the creation.


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    The author of this post and I exchanged a few emails to try and get to the bottom of this, and it seems that a combination of the identical object names, and having IF EXISTS statements in the procedure/function code has caused this.

    We have logged a bug for this issue (SC-4539), and have scheduled it to be fixed in SQL Compare 8.2

    I hope this information is helpful for anybody else that might encounter this.
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