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I need to compare only objects (Tables/Views/StoredProcedures...) belongs to our team in a databases. So we created extended property called 'Team' as Name and 'Team01' as value on our objects.

Using SQLCompare command line, can I use /Include switch to include only our objects like this?


I tried, but I got an error stated that "Invalid value for switch".

RedGate Team/Forum Members:

Could you include this switch in new future releases? or
Is there any other way I can use SQLCompare to achieve the same results?.


  • Hi Naras,

    Thanks for your post.

    Currently SQL Compare will consider extended properties only as a property of the table and not as a separate entity, so /Include:ExtendedProperty won't work I'm afraid.

    I've added this feature request to the relevant issue in our system (SC-2447). It is definitely one of the more popular requests we have for SQL Compare (although more for triggers and indexes rather than extended properties). Unfortunately implementing this requires a major architectural change and I'm afraid I can't give you a timescale when this work might happen.


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  • NarasNaras Posts: 7 Bronze 2
    Thanks Alice.

    I have resolved with using /Filter switch to select the objects through their names.
    If Extended Property is used to pull the objects is implemented, it is well and good.
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