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Backup comparisons

fatherjack2fatherjack2 Posts: 311
edited September 9, 2009 9:12AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions

Just a small usability query - would it be possible to have the date of the backups being compared shown in the main UI please?

Currently I am comparing two backups and cannot tell from the screen which is the newer/older file. I know that I just selected them but that hasnt prevented me being interrupted 5 times since then and I'm struggling to keep track of whether the old one is on the left or the right! :roll:

The file name (I use SQL Backup so the date is in that) or the date of the backup would help a great deal.

This could also be applied to snapshots...


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    Hi Jonathan,

    Thanks for your post. I've logged your request as SC-909.

    As a workaround you could click the Edit Project button to go back to the Comparison Projects dialog and view the dates from there (then just cancel to go back to the main grid without having to do a re-compare).

    I know this isn't ideal and we'll consider your request for a future release (especially if more people would also find it useful).


    Red Gate Software
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