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Hi, I am wanting to see the execution time/path on methods in the framework, currently they are shown as "collapsed methods", I understand there is no source (that's what reflector is for ;) ), however I thought there was (back in the beta days) a way of viewing this.... ?




  • Hi Paul,

    make sure that you are obviously profiling all methods from the opening dialog option, rather than just the methods with source.

    Then when you see the results in the main UI, there's a combo box that shows "Top-down (only methods with source)"

    If you change that to "Top Down (any method)" you will see the framework calls. The same applies to the All Methods view and in the Call Graph you can also see them by changing the display options.

    Hope that helps,

  • Doh ! thank you Stephen, it worked like a dream.
  • No problem,

    there seems to be a slight discoverability issue here as it has been asked a few times before.

    I'm going to look into making it more obvious or findable in a future release.

    If you have any comments about what it was that stopped you from finding it or suggestions to improve this aspect of the UI then i'm always happy to hear them.

  • Hi Stephen,

    IMHO, I think it is just a wording thing, even in the [?] popup on the profiler settings page, if you have a note to say 'includes framework methods', it would have been easier to find.

    Having said that, it clearly tells you in the [?] prompt on the main window. I have never pressed the [?] buttons before, in fear that they open up a full help file that I have to wait for.

    The other idea is that when viewing just in 'methods with source', the entry that appears on the tree :
    *(Collapsed methods without source, such as framework class library methods)
    :could have a note ! See 'All Methods' for deeper analysis of these calls.

    Again, just thoughts.
  • Thanks Paul,

    I'll pass these on to the tech author and see if different wording can help in making this information clearer.


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