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Specified network name is no longer available.

cjeremy74cjeremy74 Posts: 14
edited September 1, 2009 11:57AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
We are backing up directly to a network location and have starting seeing a swarm of errors (see below). I do not see a pattern regarding time or database involved. Our network engineer is showing no network interruptions (although I am asking for some additional research from his side as well). This is causing our db and log backups to be corrupt. Any thoughts - did not see anything in forum on initial search.

Warning 210: Thread 0 warning:
Warning 210: Error writing to backup file:
Warining: System error 64 (The specified network name is no longer available)

Thread 0 error:
Error 620: Error writing to backup file(s).

Thanks - J.
Thanks - JC


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    Hello JC,

    I'm sorry you haven't found error 64 in the forums as it is quite common and the reason why the network resilience feature had been implemented in SQL Backup 6. Windows Networking implements some heavy, unreliable protocols and any copy operations are subject to the whims of network conditions.

    Aside from upgrading, you can try increasing your session timeout.
    http://www.red-gate.com/supportcenter/C ... 000212.htm

    I also suspect, although never proven, that enabling NETBIOS over TCP on your network connection properties helps. I think this gets the connections using DNS instead of that ancient browser service that Windows peer-to-peer networking uses.
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