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I sometimes get a big red 'X' in my comparison results window. This usually occurs after a partial database sync. For example, including only the missing table records in the target database when running the Synchonization Wizard. When the wizard completes and I close the dialog box, the results window becomes a white background with a big red 'X' over it. The compare results information is still there because I can click on the whited-out X results window and see the row differences window at the bottom change to different tables. This never occurred when I used SQL Data Compare 7. After help with this issue would be appreciated.


  • Thanks for your post.

    We have had a few users report this now with SQL Data Compare 8, but we have so far been unable to reproduce it here.

    I have opened a private support ticket for you with regards to this issue, so I will contact you through that to try and gather a bit more info.

    Hopefully we will get to the bottom of this before too long.
  • I have seen this in several .NET applications. There doesn't appear to be any rhyme or reason, but Red Gate is not alone in this. I've even seen this in SSMS.
  • It's basically what happens to UI components when an exception manages to propogate into them and breaks things until they can't display anything meaningful any more.

    So any unexpected exception that gets thrown can do this to .NET applications, if it gets thrown in an unfortunate place (OutOfMemoryException is a common culprit as it can show up almost anywhere; NullReferenceException is also often the proximate cause due to another thread failing and not setting values correctly).
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  • I too am experiencing the big red x myself with v8.0.1.9 on Vista x64
  • I'm getting the same behavior, randomly. It goes away of I restart the application.
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