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Field hints not showing in where clause after a (NOLOCK)

nhustaknhustak Posts: 41
edited August 27, 2009 8:24PM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
I've been having erratic problems with my where clause not popping hints. I am having this right now. I'm going to include everyting in my query window.

The where clause at the bottom is failing to show anything releveant in the window that comes up. It's showing only system functions. If I type UD. I get options like 'alter table' snippet - it doesn't seem to know it's on a select statement at all.

BUT - if I remove the (NOLOCK) it starts working. So there you go - (NOLOCK) is causing where clause prompts to fail.
SELECT * FROM dbo.CvcTransactionsLog 

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM dbo.CvcTransactionsData WHERE CvcTransactionsLog_ID = 10

	dbo.CvcTransactionsData ctd (NOLOCK) INNER join
	dbo.CvcTransactionsCASSOutput cass (NOLOCK) ON ctd.CvcTransactionsData_PK = cass.CvcTransactionsData_fk
WHERE CvcTransactionsLog_ID = 10

--UPDATE dbo.CvcTransactionsLog SET Geocoded = 0, ReadyToGeocode = 0, Error = 0 WHERE CvcTransactionsLog_ID = 14

--UPDATE dbo.CvcTransactionsLog SET Geocoded = 0, ReadyToGeocode = 1, Error = 0 WHERE CvcTransactionsLog_ID = 14

SELECT TOP 5 * FROM dbo.Unica_Raw_Data_01

SELECT * FROM dbo.Unica_Data ud (NOLOCK) WHERE


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