Views missing from Schema Compare v8.1.0.360

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I'm trying to clone a database on a SQL 2000 database onto SQL 2005 instance.

All is well, except that Red Gate SQL Compare does not see any of the views on the SQL 2000 box. It tells me that all objects are the same between the two servers (now that I've synched everything except the views, of course).

It's as if it doesn't know the views exist, even though I can clearly see they do exist in the 2000 instance's dbo schema via SQL Mgmt. Studio....

anyone run into this before? All the other objects such as tables, procs, functions, etc., it was able to script out and recreate on the target 2005 instance with no trouble...??

And no, I do not have a filter set which would exclude views :)


  • Hi Scott

    Please could you try refreshing the views and then trying the comparison again. If that doesn't work we'll ty something else.


    Nick Wood
    Red Gate Software
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