Package runs when generated by GUI but not by command-line

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When I create an upgrade package using the command-line I get errors whereas creating a package using the GUI on the same databases seems to work just fine.

So my command-line looks like this:
SQLPackager.exe" /s
erver2:"CLMDB1\DEV1_2005" /username2:"sa" /password2:"" /database2:db_2030 /server1:"CLMDB1\D
EV1_2005" /username1:"sa" /password1:"" /database1:db_2041 /location:.\database /name:db_2030_to_2041 /makeexe

The package is generated just fine but when the generated package is executed I get:
<SQLError Package="db_2030_to_2041"><Error>Table 'dbo.DvrActionList' does not have the identity property. Cannot perform SET operation.</Error><Assembly>db_2030_to_2041</Assembly><Package>Package2.resx</Package><Batch>Batch4</Batch><SQL>...</SQL></SQLError>

I tried putting all the options that are on in the GUI into the command-line (not given above) but that didn't have any effect.

The other thing I noticed is that when I generate a working package using the GUI and then execute it, it takes much less time to actually run through all scripts and complete than the non-functional one does. That seems like it's relevant. Any thoughts?

p.s. I did see the posts about CREATE DATABASE in command-line generated packages but that's not the error I'm seeing here (as you can see above)[/code]


  • My sincerest apologies. After staring at the same database for hours at a time it had lost all meaning and was consistently overlooking the source of the problem. It has been found and fixed.
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