What does "Suggest methods to optimize" do?

The Tools menu has a checked menu item "Suggest methods to optimize" that I am curious about. When I search the online docs, I don't get any hits except those in the forums. Where should I go for an explanation as to what this feature does? Where do I see the recommendations? What behavior should change when I check or uncheck the menu item?


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    the 'Suggest methods to optimize' option was added as a potential helper in the Performance Profiler although it's not meant as a metric that should be relied upon if you do not agree with the suggestions.

    I must stress that the suggestion mechanism is based on a couple of loose rules and these simple rules of thumb (a combination of time spent in self and hit count if my memory is correct), aren't always what the programmer of the application in question might consider a method that needs to be optimized. We can't know that and they are only suggestions after all. :)

    Any suggested methods would be shown in the tree view for example with a red asterisk next to the method name.

  • You don't mean the red rectangle with the word "HOT" in it, do you? Because I don't see any red dots. Is there any documentation on this menu item that contains a screenshot?
  • Hi,

    it's a red asterisk next to the method name - like this:


    If you aren't seeing any it's just because none of the methods match the rule of thumb used to suggest a method.

    The hot path shows the most expensive stack trace.

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