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aspnet_Membership - no rows generated

rbanningrbanning Posts: 6
I am trying to generate membership data for an asp.net application. The site uses the standard aspnet_users and aspnet_membership tables that both have a primary key = userID that is a uniqueidentifier.

When I run SQL Data Generator, the records in the aspnet_users table are generated but no data is generated for the aspnet_membership table. The tool reports: "Generation stopped: The generator for column UserId could not generate any more values. Rows inserted: 0". The UserId field is set to use the Foreign Key Generator.

This is my first use of Data Generator so I am sure I am just missing something.

Any thoughts?



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    Looks like the problem was a table that was referencing the data in the aspnet_membership table. Once the relationship was removed, the data generator worked as intended.

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