Profiling SharePoint - PDB's not being loaded

DaveyMDaveyM Posts: 2

I'm trying to profile a SharePoint installation. I've followed the instructions as per the guide found here: ... ePoint.pdf

I have the PDB files and they are placed in the app_bin as per instructions. Unfortunately I don't see the source when I profile. I've additionally placed these PDB files in the both the BIN & GAC to determine if that will resolve the issue... unfortunately no such luck.

Am I missing something?




  • I'm having the same problem - and I work in support :)

    See if this tactic works for you; ... 000270.htm

    make sure the files have read permission for the account that the app pool is running under (NETWORK SERVICE) by default.
  • We have a solution to the pdb file problem:

    1. Register the dll with gacutil (gacutil -i <name.dll>) (remove the existing one from GAC first if necessary)
    2. Find the registered dll in GAC and copy manually the pdb file there to the same directory (for example, one of my files ended up here: C:\WINDOWS\assembly\GAC_MSIL\XlMortgageCalc\
    Then the source files should be visible in performance profiler.

    A colleague and I have tried to prove that it works (on Win 2003 x86, at least). Hope this helps!
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