"Scripts Folder MetaData File Incomplete"

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I've just upgraded from 8.0 to 8.1. It seems that the XML file created by SQLCompare when saving a database as a collection of scripts has changed. The file was "SqlCompareDatabaseInfo.xml" and is now "RedGateDatabaseInfo.xml". The content of the file has also changed.

When I attempt to compare any database with any of my many pre-existing source-controlled Scripts Folders I see a "scripts folder metadata file incomplete" warning. ...What impact does this have? The compare operation still runs. The XML data seems to be just app options. Can I manually generate new XML files for my existing source-controlled scripts? What do MaxDataFileSize and DataFileSet represent? Is there an easier solution? Am I missing something?


  • Hi SQLGuru,

    Thanks for your post.

    The name of the XML file was changed to better represent its usage with both SQL Compare and Data Compare.

    The new fields are primarily for Data Compare and will be automatically added with default values to any existing scripts folder.

    In particular, MaxDataFileSize is an internal field and shouldn't affect your scripts folder, while DataFileSet is the list of all files containing DML statements - this tells SQL Compare which files to ignore and Data Compare which files to read.

    If you're not using the new scripts folder functionality these fields can be safely ignored (just leave them with the default values).

    The warning was added to notify the user that the file format has changed: it can be safely ignored.
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