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backup not processing

mrclodmrclod Posts: 60
edited July 29, 2009 11:00PM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
I have tried this with SQL Backup Pro 5.4 and 6.1 with the same results.

Small databases work fine up to 30G at least. I have a 128G database that when performing a backup through the GUI, nothing is processed (exec sqbstatus).

I have restarted and rebooted and anything else I can think of to clear things out. This system has 32G of memory and 8 processors. No other processes are blocking.

Set the backup to use 1 thread, level 3 compression, but everything else is defaulted.


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    I have run command below while this backup does nothing in case you need any information out of the log.

    EXEC master..sqbutility 9997

    I'll try and run a command line version backup since I have seen other issues running things from the GUI here recently.
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    Ran the following, but still nothing is processed:

    declare @exitcode int, @sqlerrorcode int

    EXECUTE master..sqlbackup N'-SQL "BACKUP DATABASE [stage_s1] TO DISK = ''M:\BACKUPS\STAGE_S1_PRESNAPSHOT.sqb'' WITH COMPRESSION = 3, THREADCOUNT = 2, VERIFY"', @exitcode OUT, @sqlerrorcode OUT

    print '@exitcode ' + str(@exitcode)
    print '@sqlerrorcode ' + str(@sqlerrorcode)

    Fifteen minutes of running and nothing processed:

    exec sqbstatus

    Database Login Processed (bytes) Compressed (bytes)

    stage_s1 me 0 0

    (1 row(s) affected)
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    Looks like a fulltext was in a state that did not like redgate. Rebuilt the index and I'm working now.

    Be nice if redgate could diagnose stuff like this with the utility.
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