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SQB server components - setting installation target folder?

neonsunneonsun Posts: 8
edited July 31, 2009 5:02AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
For some reason, the SQB server components insist on installing on different drives on different cluster nodes, possibly due to different installation paths in the past. I've tried uninstalling all components and cleaning out all Red Gate-related registry keys in HKLM, but the components still install to the C: drive on one server, and to the E: drive on another server. I'd like to keep all cluster nodes as similar as possible. This happens regardless of whether I run the SQBServerSetup.exe application or install from the SQL Backup GUI. Is there a way to control which drive and folder the components are installed in?

Edit: I've also tried installing the components on both cluster nodes at the same time as well as separately - when installing on one node the installer says it will install in c:\program files\... - but the components are still installed in e:\program files\... on the second cluster node. If I run the SQB setup separately on each cluster node, I still cannot specify the target folder, it just lists out the e:\program files\... folder on the secondary node at the end of the install.


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    Thanks for your post.

    If you have uninstalled the server components from add/remove programs first, then you should be able to specify a new location when you reinstall.

    However, I don't think this is made very easy with the cluster aware installation.

    You should be able to force the installer to use a specified path if you launch the installer from the command line and specify the path using the /path argument. e.g.

    SQBServerSetup_6.1.0.16.exe /PATH "E:\SQL Backup\Server Components"

    I hope this helps.
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    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for this. I tried it but it still didn't work. Ended up cleaning out the SQL Backup Agent service registration from the registry (it wasn't deleted by the uninstaller) and rebooting the node before reinstalling - and then it finally installed to the same directory on both nodes.
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    That does sound like it would be the cause. The registry key contains the path to the service, and SQL Backup will only use this location if the key is there. It really should have been removed when you uninstalled.

    Thanks for finding a workaround to the problem.

    I'll make sure the dev team are aware of this.
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