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Duplicate Files during conversion process.

bwilkinsonbwilkinson Posts: 9
edited July 28, 2009 1:17PM in SQB2MTF GUI utility
When I try and convert a .sqb file I am getting duplicate output files.

the first named *_00.bak
and the second named *_01.bak

is this normal fo the conversion process to create duplicate files?


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    bdillbdill Posts: 42 Bronze 2
    That is normal if you backed up with multiple threads. My experience indicates that you will have one file per thread used during backup. The native SQL restore can handle the multiple files by specifying multiple "DISK='xxxxx'" statements.
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    Hi bdill,

    Thanks for the info, I tried it with a backup on a machine that I know had 6 threads and sure enough I got 6 files.

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