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aspillertaspillert Posts: 20
Most of my tables have a date when it was last inserted or updated. When I compare a source table to a reporting table I want to compare the data, not the dates. But the dates can be very useful to understand if the difference I see is a timing issue. So, how about the ability to specify columns to compare and also columns to view? So I can see the date without comparing on it.

Also, how about a case-insensitive compare of text fields? A difference in a name should be material, not capitalization or whitespace.

Just my ideas for a future version -


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    Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1

    SQL Data Compare has an option to ignore whitespace (trim trailing spaces). The case sensitivity of comparisons are driven by the collation order on columns, so if the column collation of a text field is LATIN1_CI_AS, then the comparison will be case-insensitive, the way it should be. If this is unsatisfactory, the force binary collation option will override this and do a case-sensitive comparison.

    We already have a feature request logged to be able to view columns without actually comparing them (SDC-121). I hope this will be considered, as a few people have asked about it.
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