SQL Data Compare 8.0 has been released

SQL Data Compare 8.0 has been released. This is a major release including support for static data in scripts folders, user interface and command line enhancements, and bug fixes.

Download SQL Data Compare 8.0

SQL Data Compare 8.0 introduces the following features:

• The ability to store static data in scripts folders
SQL Data Compare 8 allows you to store data scripts in a scripts folder, making it easier to keep databases under source control.

• The ability to share projects with SQL Compare
To open a SQL Data Compare project in SQL Compare, on the Projects dialog box, select a project, right click, and click Launch in SQL Compare.

• The ability to split synchronization into multiple transactions
You can choose to split the synchronization script into multiple transactions of a specified size.

• Command line changes
The command line now supports column-level inclusion and exclusion, and has more usable syntax.

• Stability and performance improvements
SQL Data Compare 8.0 addresses some known stability issues. There are now fewer Out of memory errors when comparing large databases.

• User interface refinements
SQL Data Compare 8.0 includes many of the user interface improvements made for SQL Compare 8, bringing the workflow of the two products closer together.

For more detailed information, see: SQL Data Compare release notes

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