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Were planning on switching over all of our sql backups to redgate, but in the meantime were testing both first to make sure we want to purchase. Is it ok to run both sql and redgate backups or will they interfere with each other?

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  • Guant,

    When I converted to SQLBackup I migrated each database at a time with the native backup and the SQLBackup jobs both running and once I was happy with the SQLBackup set up I stopped the native ones. Obviously I had to schedule them apart for performance and file access reasons and also for my own reasons I had the backup files generated in a different location. I had this parallel run system for maybe two or three days per database before I switched to solely SQL Backup.

    Good luck with your project.


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  • Guant,

    The other thing to be careful of is that both SQL Backup and Native backups share the same LSN sequence so if you were to do the following:
    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Time
    SQL Backup:   Full            Diff              Full          Diff              Full           
            Native:            Full              Diff           Diff            Full           Diff

    You would need a mixture of SQL Backup and Native backups to do a restore.

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  • Very good point James, it totally slipped my mind that I ran my native backups with the WITH COPY_ONLY option so as to not break the SQLBackup chain.

    Essentially my first step was to accept that SQLBackup was my main backup tool and I had the native backups as a safety net.


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