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My 5 cents tip (you might know it already, but just in case)

ivanrdgzivanrdgz Posts: 16
edited May 5, 2010 7:19AM in SQL Prompt code snippets
I like to combine the SQL Prompt code snippets with the SQL Server Management Studio templates. I always liked the template (kind of the same idea of snippets) but SSMS lacks the ability of "calling" those templates right from your query window. I mean, you must go to the Template Collection, find the needed template and from there double click on it or drag and drop.

So, now what I do? I just create snippets using the template format. For example:

USE <Database, varchar,>

select * from <Table, varchar,>

Once I call it, I press CTRL+SHIFT+M and the template parameter window will show up allowing me to enter the defined paramaters of the current template.

Hope this will help someone :)


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