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ivanrdgzivanrdgz Posts: 16
edited July 13, 2009 9:31AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
Where on the wizard is this option? I can't find it when creating a backup.

At the last step of the wizard it does show the script but it is read-only, so I have to copy it and paste to SSMS, add the option manually and then execute it there. Am I missing something?



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    COPY_ONLY option is not supported on the UI. So you are correct ... that you have to copy the script and then add COPY_ONLY keyword and execute it in SSMS.

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    Though you can't add or remove COPY_ONLY in the UI, SQL Backup 6 will now recognize manually scripted jobs with this keyword and allow you to open them in the UI. It will preserve the COPY_ONLY keyword as it was scripted.

    This applies to most of the other keywords too, e.g. NAME, DESCRIPTION, etc.
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