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Sync Generation Error and a few other bugs...

Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1
edited October 24, 2003 12:19PM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
Hi Wayne,

SQL Compare seems to want to migrate Extended Properties whether they
are different or not. While that's essentially harmless, I will raise the
issue here.

I hope that you're re-comparing the databases after you change the
comparison options to keep SQL Compare from synchronizing things that you
don't want to be synchronized! I feel a bit silly asking this, but I feel
it's important.

We've seen the problem with the extra spaces appearing and are working
to fix it.


Brian Donahue
Red Gate Technical Support

"Wayne" <nospamplease@nospam> wrote in message
> Using the product since 1.0 - I can say this version is SOOO FAST it is
> unbelievable!!
> I found a problem or two....
> 1) I compared 2 databases, it came back with all the differences. On 5
> tables the only difference was in the permissions - so I unchecked those
> tables. When I clicked the syncronize button and looked at the script
> the summary - it actually syncronized the permissions on those tables
> anyway. BTW, summary feature is awesome.
> 2) In the above tables, it shows NO differences in the extended
> However, if I DO include one of the above tables in syncronization
> only permission differences) the script and summary updates the extended
> properties. (Evidently to the same thing they already are).
> 3) After checking and unchecking the inclusion on this test table - it
> appears it wants to syncronize its permissions and extended properties no
> matter what.
> 4) I got several trigger 'differences'. When reviewing the differences -
> it showed a blank line that was different. Each time this blank line was
> right before the final go at the end of all the triggers.
> This looks like a fantastic upgrade. Couple of suggestions:
> 1) Since you added this great little thing in the compare that groups
> part and you can expand and collapse - I suggest you have the option to
> 'auto collapse' parts that are equal! When looking, rarely do I want to
> the parts that are the same - and if I did I would simply expand or click
> some expand all button....
> 2) Let me put the 2 optional toolbars (status filters and object filters)
> on the same line as the main toolbar - it buys me some screen real
> Again - this is a FANTASTIC upgrade - I am impressed.
> Wayne
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