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MSI Installation Failure (1603)

Chris.AllenChris.Allen Posts: 579
1603 is a generic error but we are getting a lot of these lately so you can safely assume if you're getting this with version 5 the following is a reliable workaround:

If you have a user who you know has never ran Visual Studio xxxx (and if you are unsure and you are able- create one), log in and install ANTS from there. You'll still need admin rights.

This only works for one of the products though. We will fix this soon in the next build...


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    So when is the next build going to be released? I'm trying to test drive the product and I can't get it to install.
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    Sorry that you're still having troubles, I'll post as soon as I know...
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    When I tried to install, the ResetAddin task for VS 2005 ran for over 45 minutes before I was finally forced to shut it down so I could get on with my work. When I did that the installation failed with 1603. Is this the program you will be fixing in the next release, and can you please tell me when I can expect that to be?
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    We will release version 5.1 on Tuesday 14th July. This will fix the current installation problems. Sorry for the delay.
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    Well I am still getting a 1603 error with the new 5.1 setup :(
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    Yes, 1603 is actually a generic error (5.1 only solves one issue but it was occuring very frequently). Can you get hold of the install log file. Click on the very top left corner of the installer and the menu will give you acces to the log file. If there are grumblings about VBScript, try this:

    Running CMD.exe as Administrator:

    cd %windir%\System32

    regsvr32 vbscript.dll

    or this, on x64:

    cd to C:\windows\syswow64

    Type- regsvr32 vbscript.dll, then hit enter.
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    Hehe thanks, that worked fine :) but why ?
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    I think its because vbscript.dll is not registered by default on some machines (security reasons I think). There is plenty of info in googlespace on this. e.g.:

    http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums ... c5f63086b8
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    Hate to bring back an old thread, but I'm running into this problem as well and I've tried the fix noted here.

    I'm running Server 2008 R2 x64

    I narrowed down the performance profiler MSI and tried to install it with logging, heres a snippet of what's in it..
    Property(C): MsiRunningElevated = 1
    Property(C): Privileged = 1
    Property(C): USERNAME = Windows User
    Property(C): DATABASE = C:\Users\austin\Desktop\ANTSProfiler_5.2.0.26_AnyCpu_r99081\ANTSProfiler_5.2.0.26_x64_r99081.msi
    Property(C): OriginalDatabase = C:\Users\austin\Desktop\ANTSProfiler_5.2.0.26_AnyCpu_r99081\ANTSProfiler_5.2.0.26_x64_r99081.msi
    Property(C): SOURCEDIR = C:\Users\austin\Desktop\ANTSProfiler_5.2.0.26_AnyCpu_r99081Property(C): VersionHandler = 5.00
    Property(C): ACTION = INSTALL
    Property(C): UILevel = 5
    Property(C): CostingComplete = 0
    Property(C): OutOfDiskSpace = 0
    Property(C): OutOfNoRbDiskSpace = 0
    Property(C): PrimaryVolumeSpaceAvailable = 0
    Property(C): PrimaryVolumeSpaceRequired = 0
    Property(C): PrimaryVolumeSpaceRemaining = 0
    Property(C): INSTALLLEVEL = 1
    === Logging stopped: 12/21/2009  14:05:11 ===
    MSI (c) (A4:24) [14:05:11:426]: Product: ANTS Performance Profiler 5 -- Installation failed.
    MSI (c) (A4:24) [14:05:11:428]: Windows Installer installed the product. Product Name: ANTS Performance Profiler 5. Product Version: Product Language: 1033. Manufacturer: Red Gate Software Ltd. Installation success or error status: 1603.

    Also I just tried to install again, found this error in the bundle installer's log:
    [2009-12-21 21:13:58] INSTALL PRODUCTS
    [2009-12-21 21:13:58] TO INSTALL: ANTS Performance Profiler 5.2
    [2009-12-21 21:13:58] Upgrade Code: {2094fc68-a4fc-4ad5-9b85-b846ae6fc004}
    [2009-12-21 21:13:58] Target Location: "C:\Program Files\Red Gate\ANTS Performance Profiler 5"
    [2009-12-21 21:13:58] TO INSTALL: ANTS Memory Profiler 5.1
    [2009-12-21 21:13:58] Upgrade Code: {ce0d94e4-4347-4313-9c33-06ac6d981842}
    [2009-12-21 21:13:58] Target Location: "C:\Program Files\Red Gate\ANTS Memory Profiler 5"
    [2009-12-21 21:13:58] TO INSTALL: Exception Hunter 2.1
    [2009-12-21 21:13:58] Upgrade Code: {3fe396ea-9114-11dc-8314-0800200c9a66}
    [2009-12-21 21:13:58] Target Location: "C:\Program Files\Red Gate\Exception Hunter 2"
    [2009-12-21 21:13:59] Failed to find all running processes!
    [2009-12-21 21:13:59] System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception: Access is denied
       at System.Diagnostics.ProcessManager.OpenProcess(Int32 processId, Int32 access, Boolean throwIfExited)
       at System.Diagnostics.NtProcessManager.GetModuleInfos(Int32 processId, Boolean firstModuleOnly)
       at System.Diagnostics.Process.get_MainModule()
       at RedGate.InstallerWizard.Engine.ProductSet.FindProgramsRunning(IList`1& running)
    [2009-12-21 21:13:59] Msi Path ANTSProfiler_5.2.0.26_AnyCpu_r99081\ANTSProfiler_5.2.0.26_x64_r99081.msi for x64
    [2009-12-21 21:13:59] Tasks ANTS Performance Profiler 5.2 Performance profiling for .NET developers
    [2009-12-21 21:13:59] CMD File Version C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\msadc\msdfmap.dll LESS_THAN
    [2009-12-21 21:13:59] CMD File Eval False
    [2009-12-21 21:13:59] CMD OS Win32NT V6.1 Evals to False
    [2009-12-21 21:13:59] CMD OS Win32NT V6.1 Evals to False
    [2009-12-21 21:13:59] CMD OS Win32NT V6.1 Evals to True

    UAC is disabled on my workstation, and I'm right clicking and running the installer as Administrator.
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