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Can't reach repository after host IP address change

soxfanjimsoxfanjim Posts: 16
edited June 22, 2009 4:04PM in SQL Monitor Previous Versions
We just configured SQL Response for the first time. After configuring the repository we discovered that the host machine was using DHCP, which was problematic for some firewall rules we needed to create. After updating to a new, static IP address we can no longer reach the Alert Repository.

I cannot see any option for changing the IP Address of the repository and it doesn't appear to be picking up the new address even though it's propagated through DNS. Do I need to create a new repository?


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    You have to restart the Windows service on the host.
    Interestingly, the client can't even connect to the service by the new IP address until the service is restarted. That's what led us to the answer.
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