Compared and Synched, but New Fields Were Not Transferred!

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Hello, I suppose I did something wrong, but I added some new fields to a database, and then synched the database with the development server at the customers location, and yet when I looked into that db, I could see that the new fields were not there...

I tried doing a re-synch, but SQL Compare 8 said that the databases were identical! And yet, when I clicked on the changed tables to see what it really thought of it, it showed the little arrow in the middle indicating the difference in table!

Any clue how that could happen, what does it mean, and how I can deal with it in the future?

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  • I worked on this with the user through a private support ticket.

    The issue may have been a one-off, as it doesn't seem to be reproduceable.

    He will let us know if it happens again.
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