Percentage is inaccurate while registering/comparing db?

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I'm comparing a small snapshot (4-6 tables) to a larger database (40-50 tables) using a C# app and the toolkit. It is working fine, except for the fact that the percent complete appears to be inaccurate.

Writing everything to the debug window in VS.NET during the compare generates this output:

Percentage: 0 Message: Connecting to server
Percentage: -1 Message: Reading full text information
Percentage: -1 Message: Reading object names
Percentage: -1 Message: Reading tables
Percentage: 1 Message:
Percentage: -1 Message: Reading object text
Percentage: 2 Message:
Percentage: 3 Message:
Percentage: 4 Message:
Percentage: 5 Message:
Percentage: 6 Message:
Percentage: 7 Message:
Percentage: 8 Message:
Percentage: 9 Message:
Percentage: 10 Message:
Percentage: 11 Message:
Percentage: 12 Message:
Percentage: 13 Message:
Percentage: -1 Message: Reading defaults
Percentage: -1 Message: Reading rules
Percentage: -1 Message: Reading user defined types
Percentage: -1 Message: Reading columns
Percentage: 14 Message:
Percentage: 15 Message:
Percentage: 16 Message:
Percentage: 17 Message:
Percentage: 18 Message:
Percentage: 19 Message:
Percentage: 20 Message:
Percentage: 21 Message:
Percentage: 22 Message:
Percentage: 23 Message:
Percentage: 24 Message:
Percentage: 25 Message:
Percentage: 26 Message:
Percentage: -1 Message: Reading views
Percentage: -1 Message: Reading stored procedures
Percentage: 27 Message:
Percentage: 28 Message:
Percentage: 29 Message:
Percentage: 30 Message:
Percentage: 31 Message:
Percentage: 32 Message:
Percentage: 33 Message:
Percentage: 34 Message:
Percentage: 35 Message:
Percentage: 36 Message:
Percentage: -1 Message: Reading indexes
Percentage: 37 Message:
Percentage: 38 Message:
Percentage: 39 Message:
Percentage: -1 Message: Reading foreign keys
Percentage: -1 Message: Reading constraints
Percentage: -1 Message: Reading triggers
Percentage: 40 Message:
Percentage: -1 Message: Reading functions
Percentage: -1 Message: Reading UDT dependencies
Percentage: -1 Message: Reading users
Percentage: -1 Message: Reading roles
Percentage: 41 Message:
Percentage: -1 Message: Reading permissions
Percentage: -1 Message: Calculating dependencies

And then it's all done. I was expecting to see it up to 99 or 100...

Any ideas?
Steve Schoon


  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member
    Hi Steve,

    I'd make an assumption that the reason for the progress dialogue skipping from 41 percent to completed is because you're comparing a snapshot. Calculating dependencies is already done inside the snapshot.

    Do you get the same problem comparing two live data sources?
  • Actually, the 41% is at the end of the *registration* of the 2nd db. I changed my test app to also monitor status events from the first db, and then I got the 100% complete during the comparison. So, I guess it's all working fine....I just would find it more intuitive to have the registration phase go from 0-100% instead of 0-41%.

    Here's what the code looks like:

    label1.Text = "Registering target database";
    Database liveDb = new Database();
    liveDb.Status += new StatusEventHandler(OnStatus);
    ConnectionProperties props = new ConnectionProperties("VMS0159", "marketplace", "sa", "");
    liveDb.Register(props, Options.Default);
    // when I get here, % complete is 41%
    label1.Text = "Registering source database";
    Database s3dataDb = new Database();
    s3dataDb.Status += new StatusEventHandler(OnStatus);
    Steve Schoon
  • Just wondering if anyone has had a look into this in more detail...thanks.
    Steve Schoon
  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member
    Hi Steve,

    I haven't got around to looking at this again because I was under the impression that it was working okay, based on what you'd said. I'll have a look at it tomorrow morning and see how the StatusEventHandler is supposed to report the comparison progress.
  • Thanks Brian. I'll appreciate whever you can find. For what it's worth, if I use the GUI SQLCompare, it to seem to only report status through 42%...
    Steve Schoon
  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member
    Hi Steve,

    I agree that this doesn't seem to be completely right. On my tests, I normally get up to 56% progress on Database.Register() ,then it's all done! I can only assume that when this was written, calculating dependencies took much, much longer and the statuseventhandler doesn't seem to reflect the speed increase.

    I'll raise this as an issue and see if we can get it fixed.

    Thanks for pointing it out.
  • Brian, I'm glad you were able to confirm my findings. I'll look forward to an update sometime...but still proceed with my work as it is more of a cosmetic problem than anything else.
    Steve Schoon
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