.NET Build Error (Unable to Resolve Type)

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I just registered SQL Toolkit and am trying to build a custom app and/or one of the test apps provided by Red Gate (SQLCompareCodeSnippets) in VB 2005 Express Edition Beta.

I get an error during compile that says "unable to resolve type 'RedGate.SQLCompare.Engine.Database' " in the licenses.licx file.

I had a temporary license and was able to build and run my custom app locally with the NAG screen, but as soon as I licensed and created the licenses.licx file I now cannot compile without the above error.

After running in to this error on my custom app, I then loaded the vanilla test app provided by Red Gate in the VB folder and it throws the same error.

Thanks in advance.


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    Is the RedGate.SQLCompare.Engine referenced in the project? Hopefully, it's not a Data Compare project and you've got the SQL Compare.Engine listed in the licenses file.
  • I am sorry for the confusion on the error code I posted. My custom app is a data comparison one but the error I posted the snippet from was from the generic database comparison one.

    My custom app is a data comparison project with the following...

    References for the project:


    The licenses.licx file has the following reference in it based on the help file:


    I thought it might be how I was doing references or the license file so I closed my project and opened up the generic database comparison one and tried to compile it and it throws the same error for every reference in the licenses.licx file.

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    Then it must simply be an incompatability between the Framework 2.0 Beta and the custom licensing component that is invoked when you add licenses.licx to the project.

    We will be working on making the Toolkit VS 2005 compatible as soon as Framework 2.0 is out of Beta from Microsoft.
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