ANTS Performance Profiler 5 has been released

ANTS Performance Profiler 5 has now been released. You can get it from: ... /index.htm

For this release we have added a new profiling mode which offers line level timings, but only instruments methods with source code. This can offer a significant performance improvement when profiling applications that make extensive use of library code with a high level of call graph complexity.

It also includes the vastly improved IIS support, along with XBAP support, that we first shipped with ANTS Profiler 4.3.

ANTS Memory Profiler 5, our completely rewritten memory profiler, featuring incredible performance and an unparallelled feature set, is also now available.

For more details about the product please visit: ... /index.htm

Kind regards,
Bart Read
.NET Developer Tools Project Manager
Red Gate Software Ltd
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