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I am using the SQL compare to Compare two databases, it works file, but I need to make som export to a test file, with a list like this:


Where can I read this Info ?
I have the following objects:
db1,db2 : Database;
Diffs : Differences;
NewWork : Work;


Thomas Olsen.


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    Hello Thomas,

    Were you planning on writing your own SQL Toolkit project regardless? Because if all that you want to see is a text report showing the objects in the database and whether or not they are different, the SQLCompare.exe command-line version of SQL Compare will let you do that.
  • My program need to send the Field information to a Data replication Service, that will send data for the New fields in the Database.
    I can NOT use the Commandline tool.
    I can see that I have access to Alle the changed tables, but where can i see witch fields that have to be modyfied.

    Regards Thomas Olsen.
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    Hi Thomas,

    Then the most sensible option would be to loop through your collection of Diffs using a foreach loop, such as 'foreach (Difference d in Diffs)', and get the properties from each iteration of d and send that information where it needs to go. You can figure out if the object is different very easily by querying the Different property.
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