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Multi Script closes wrong window when removing script from pane

Recently i have noticed when I have multiple scripts open and I click on one and say remove, it closes a random scripts underneath the one you are trying to remove, not the one you highlighted to remove.  This appears to be bad behavior, and is quite the pain.


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    Hi @yarddawg27


    Thanks for reaching out on the Redgate forum and outlining this issue you're finding with SQL Multi Script.


    Can I check that you're on the latest version V1.5.27 to eliminate possibilities that this has already been resolved in a patch fix? Download for this release available here:



    Are you able to provide some steps on how this issue is occurring for you, I had a play around with my application today and wasn't able to replicate another script closing other than the one I had right-clicked on to remove.


    Can you confirm if my testing matches your usage?

    • I have a few scripts added to my project, then I right-click on a file and select 'Remove' 
    • This removes the file.

     Are you using this process or another way to remove the files?



    Appreciate any steps or reproduction you can provide, so I can hopefully reproduce it myself and escalate to our development team as a possible bug.

    Jon Kirkwood | Technical Support Engineer | Redgate Software
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    yarddawg27yarddawg27 Posts: 2 Bronze 1
    Thanks Jon, I confirmed I am on that version.  I can reproduce this every time.  I will try to attach pics. I set the test up as follows.  I have 4 test script set up corresponding to the number in the script as such

    I then click on Script 4 click Remove and it removes script 4 from the left pane but as you can see it leaves script 4 behind in the right pane and test 5 is gone. so it removed the wrong script from the right pane even though it looks like it removed the correct one on the left.  I have a video too but I dont know if it will attach,

    and it wont.  
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