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Make "disk reads/sec" and "disk writes/sec" available in Performance Monitor

In the Performance Monitor I have the metrics "Disk read bytes/sec" and "Disk write bytes/sec" available. 
However, what I need are "Disk reads/sec" and "Disk writes/sec" which should give me insight into the level of IOPS. 
How do I make these metrics available in the Performance Monitor in an easy way?

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    Kurt_MKurt_M Posts: 187 Silver 1
    edited July 8, 2024 1:32AM Answer ✓
    Hi @e.knijnenburg

    There isn't going to be an easy way to add this information into Redgate Monitor. It will likely need to be a feature request for these settings to come in.

    Even looking into the data repository, there's a couple of views which you can query which show the various writes and reads, but these are still based on the bytes. The Cluster_Machine_LogicalDisk_UnstableSamples_View does store a column for the cumulative writes and reads itself, so that might be useful for you.


    Kind regards,

    Kurt McCormick
    Product Support Engineer, Redgate

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    e.knijnenburge.knijnenburg Posts: 3 Bronze 1
    Answer ✓
    Hi Kurt,

    Thank you for your quick response.

    Best regards,

    Eric Knijnenburg

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